Natalie cut her Announcer teeth at the BBC – in fact, starting work the day after the tragic death of Princess Diana in 1997, and so was trained right from the start on how to handle global events.

She was at the BBC for over seven years as a live continuity announcer on BBC1 and BBC2 and had the honour of being the first female voice on BBC3 and BBC4 (or BBC Choice and BBC Knowledge as they were known back then).

Since then – spanning over 20 years –  Natalie has continued working at the BBC in a regular freelance capacity (as their first freelance announcer). She moved into the commercial world at ITV in 2004 where she was their primetime continuity announcer on ITV1, launching ITV3 and also working on ITV2 and Men & Motors for over four years – as well as voicing promos and the telephone answer system there. 

This was followed by several years as a live continuity announcer on Channel 4 – and all the sister channels – E4, More 4 and 4 Seven.

She then was the voice of Living TV live, then moving to Sky on Challenge and Discovery. There she launched TLC as a live announcer, and scripted and voiced Animal Planet. Finally she helped launch yet another new channel – Quest Red – which she is still voicing today.

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