Natalie cut her Announcer teeth at the BBC, where she stayed for over seven years as one of the longest serving voices on BBC2 and had the honour of being the first female voice on BBC3 and BBC4; or BBC Choice and BBC Knowledge as they were known back then. Since then, as well as freelancing back at the Beeb, she has moved into the commercial world, working in Continuity and Promotions for ITV as their primetime live announcer, launching ITV3 and also on ITV2. More recently she can be heard announcing live continuity regularly on Sky, Discovery, Channel 4, More4, 4Seven and E4, so she can safely say she is one of the most listened to voices in the country.

She is, quite literally, prepared to do anything for her art. In the past she’s really taken it to the extreme, including bungee jumping live on air, walking over burning coals, ostrich racing, devil dancing, scaling Machu Picchu, climbing Ben Nevis, running the London Marathon, learning to Thai box in Thailand, learning Spanish in Costa Rica, riding a Harley across America for a Sky documentary and working with orangutans in the jungles of Borneo, running with cheetahs and wild dogs in Namibia, hand rearing lion and hyena cubs in South Africa and regularly working with the RSPCA…. So, as you can see, she is prepared, willing and able to take on any challenge!