On camera

In 2012, Natalie was asked to take part in a Sky Atlantic six part documentary where she was the only female biker – riding a Harley Davidson across North America from Ontario, Canada down to Georgia. She loves riding motorbikes and has since ridden across Route 66 – also on a Harley.

She has also fronted several ZSL documentaries, including one called Beyond The Zoo.

And she has taken her camera with her on her travels around the world where she has

  • hand reared lion cubs & hyenas in South Africa,
  • rehabilitated orang-utans in Borneo,
  • worked closely with baboons, wild dogs, lions, & cheetahs in Namibia,
  • helped with research of elephants in Knsyna, South Africa,
  • done voluntary work for International Animal Rescue in Goa,
  • veterinary nursing in a cat clinic,
  • climbed Ben Nevis, Ol Denyai Lengai, and Mt Kinabulu,
  • run the London Marathon (just beating Frank Bruno and a Giant Yellow Duck!) 
  • completed a 100 mile charity trek across the Great Rift Valley in Africa,
  • a 6 month global tour,
  • and 5 months backpacking around South America.


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